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4 Steps to a Successful Family Reunion Photo Shoot

It's not easy getting the whole family together and when you do you want to get as many images of everyone together as possible. Planning a professional photo shoot during your Cape Cod family reunion can make it easier for you to get everyone in front of the camera at the same time. But, even though you may have everyone together, how can you ensure that your images come out looking stunning? Here are some suggestions to make sure your final images “WOW” the entire family.

Coordinating outfits:

Unless you have shirts specially designed for everyone to wear, do your best to coordinate outfits that compliment each other and help the group look unified. One of the best ways to do this is to choose a color palette. This way, everyone can select their own individual outfit while still looking cohesive as a group. Choose two or three colors that go well with each other as well as a neutral color for pants or skirts like denim, black, white or khaki.


Aside from coordinating the colors in your outfits, you may choose to have a theme. Beach themes, holiday themes, sports theme, the possibilities are endless. Choosing a theme can make the shoot more fun for everyone too.


Finding the perfect location for your reunion shoot can be a bit of a challenge. If you have a large family you want to choose a location that will be able to accommodate everyone. Planning an outdoor shoot can be the best option since it can allow for the most room. For the best outdoor lighting, you’ll want to plan to take your photos in an area with full shade so that you don’t have dappled lighting on people’s faces. Your professional photographer can help you select a suitable location and suggest the best time to take outdoor photos.

Shots list:

Big family shoots can get confusing and chaotic pretty quickly. Having a list of all the families will make things go a lot smoother. Consider planning for each family to have individual shots and then a large group shot of everyone together. It may be beneficial if you appoint one person from the family that knows everyone’s names so he or she can assist your photographer and make sure everyone is in front of the camera at their scheduled time.

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