Senior Representative Team

Class of 2021

As a student senior representative of Stacey Lynne Photography , you will receive two 20 minute to 45 minute sessions (over a $300 value) as well as an online proofing gallery approximately 10-30 pictures of a variety of poses which you can share with all of your friends. You will also be invited to partake in the Stacey Lynne Photography Senior Representative Team Photo Shoot. All applications are due by June 30, 2020. Less than 10 Seniors will be chosen for the team.


Your Photo Session

Your session will be at locations of my choice. This is meant to show as many styles as possible. Don't forget about your hobbies and interests both in and out of school. I am only limited by your creativity. Please remember to bring your class ring, Letter jacket, uniforms, etc. If you want black and white photos, be sure to bring black or white tops or something high in contrast. If there is a particular look you are going for, please bring any items you wish to achieve it.


After Your Session

I will email you approximately 1-2 weeks after your first session to schedule a date to review your photos, deliver your referral cards and answer questions about the referral program. I will tally up how many referrals were given to book your friends sessions and after your 2nd photo session we will use the referrals as an additional discount to your print order.


Please show your watermarked photos to everyone! Some of your friends will like certain styles and others will like something different. This is why variety is key! When choosing your outfits, bring them to your session including bright vibrant textures and colors, along with some more conservative earthy tones, and I will help you choose items that will go together perfectly! Please note most locations we shoot do not have bathrooms or changing areas, so your car may be the only option.  When talking about your senior session remember to tell your friends to consider Stacey Lynne Photography for their senior portrait experience and tell me your referred them! Remind them that it is critical that they tell me you referred them. No referral=No Credit! This is my way of knowing you’re doing a good job representing me and evaluating the effectiveness of the Rep program.


In order to be a Senior Rep, you must:

Have great style, lots of personality and enjoy being in front of the camera

Be scheduled to graduate in 2021

Live in Bourne, MA or surrounding areas within a 25 mile radius

Be available for your photo sessions on the days of my choosing (typically Friday evenings & Sunday Mornings)

Agree to tell your friends and classmates about Stacey Lynne Photography and share your senior portraits with them

Have your parent or legal guardian sign a model release form

Agree to represent ONLY Stacey Lynne Photography and use my images as your ONLY Senior pictures


As part of my senior rep program you will receive the following:

Two free Photo sessions with up to 2 clothing changes each.

The opportunity to earn print credits for every person you refer to use Stacey Lynne Photography for their senior portraits

A set of personalized Referral cards to give to friends, family, and classmates with your name and my Business info to hand out

Several of my favorite photos as low-resolution watermarked files to share on social media sites


Referral Discounts

1-3 Referrals - 5% off print order

4-6 Referrals - 5% off print order & $10 print credit

7-9 Referrals - 5% off print order & $20 print credit

10-12 Referrals - 10% off print order & $30 print credit

13+ Referrals - 10% off print order & $40 print credit

When your referrals book a paid session and give your information, you will receive the above mentioned discounts according to the amount of referrals you bring in. These referrals can include anyone who books any session with the exception of seasonal specials and discounted/free sessions.

The deadline for your referral benefits are before May 31st of the 2021.


Terms & Conditions

Parents and/or legal guardians of the Senior Rep must sign a model release, allowing me to use your images for advertising purposes. Credits will only be issued when referred Senior's session is complete and all fees are paid in a timely manner by the referred Senior. The program is not a first come, first served. Not all who enter will be selected. Please fill out the application on my website and if you are chosen you will receive an email confirming and information of when to meet for your first pre-session conference, a parent is required to attend the pre-session conference.


By filling out the application below, you agree to the terms and conditions set by Stacey Lynne Photography.